Wednesday, February 8, 2012

three seconds looking at someone in a laundromat

i'm going to smear chocolate ice cream all around my big spooky grin under sunrays lay facedown on our lawn then leap up with a sudden moustache of gum wrappers and grass and as you laugh i will chase you like a b-movie monster on a blind date as my heart unchanges like shiny petals of fake flowers under sunrays in cities made of skin i will take your hand like the ocean takes the sky under sunrays your eyes wide like a baby in a shopping cart your kisses are the paw prints of hyena's paw prints on desert sand under sunrays i sit grasschocolate grin fixed i will draw our faces on the wings of paper airplanes and when the planes crash i will eat all the ashes under sunrays i will invent a new religion in which the only rule is to not believe in you and convince the whole world that you don't exist so i have you all to myself and if you were a square on a monopoly board i would buy you then build a hotel and drink whisky sours on your roof under sunrays i find pieces of you in my pocket and in the teeth of my grasschocolate grin you are the journals i would burn before i declared my last day under sunrays you smile